Herbs By Rainforest Bio-Energetics


Arcozon 2 oz bottle

Contains herbs believed to provide essential minerals and nutrients to assist in maintaining nutritional balance and well being. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: una de gato, pau d arco. jatoba, suma, espinhiera santa, alfalfa, marapuama, catuaba.

Arozon: enhances and stimulates the immune system, promotes toxin elimination, stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves circulation, tends to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, helps the body to eliminate candida overgrowth. It can help build red blood cells and help people with anemia, diabetes and hypoglycemia. Other supporting aspects include nervous system calming, brain clearing and focasing, energizing, phlegm reduction, lung clearing, organic toxin removal, circulation promotion, acid neutralization, inflammation cooling. Because most chronic degenerative complaints, including low energy, arthtritis, asthma, chronic fatigue, gout, and numerous infections, each have to do with a compromised immune system, this herbal combination can have powerful and wide-reaching effects on a person's overall health.


Calmazon 2 oz. Bottle

Assists the body's natural processes and supports its nutritional needs which may arise as a result of a stressful environment. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: passion flower, lemon balm, mulungu, espinhera santa, carqueja, marapuma, catuaba, chamomile.

Calmazon: feeds the body to undo the effects of daily stress, promotes relaxation, and calming, improves circulation. Esineheira Santa strengthens the adrenal glands without stimulating the body. This formula has the effect of strengthening the body's stress reaction mechanism (CNS, endocrine system).This combination of herbs helps to promote mental clarity and emotional stability and keeps the body's system open and circulating even in the face of adversity. It releives headaches, nausea, hemorrhoids, supports the heart, and fortifies the blood. It has antidepressant properties and can be used for insomnia and to quiet hysteria. It is good for those who have stressful situations in their lives, including work, children and financial difficulties because it help the body to effectively clear the biochemical by-products of stress.


Digestazon 2 oz. Bottle

Aides the body's natural process of digestion and nutrient absorption. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: bitterorange, boldo, carqueja, anisi, pepperment.

Digestazon: promotes improved digestive functions, reduces the "bloated" feeling after eating, flushes liver/gall bladder, promotes intestinal function, normalizes ileocecal valve function. Often people are taking good nutients or supplements, but they are just not being absorbed, which often makes them feel hungry shortly after they have eaten. When people take Digestazon, the nutrients are more readily absorbed, and therefore people can eat less food and still feel satisfied, which is a key component in a weight-loss program. Also, people with allergies often have undigested protein and mucous build-up, both os which are dissolved when they take Digestazon. As well, it can clear parasites, balance ph, fortify the blood, and relieve gas, nausea, and insomnia.


Envirozon 2 oz. Bottle

Assists the body's natural ability to clease and restore balance after exposure to environmental impurities. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: jerubeba, boldo, artichoke, querbra pedra, una de gato, alfalfa.

Environzon: cleanses and stimulates the liver/ gall bladder, promotes detoxification of the intestines, helps normalize ileocecal valve function, improves fat/sugar digestion, supports the spleen function, flushes and detoxifies the kidneys. This can positively affect cholesterol levels, fat, metabolism, blood sugar stabilization, enzyme and hormone production, energy levels, urinary tract infections, and recovery from alcoholic abuses. As well, it helps with gout, arthritis, asthma, herpes, constipation, hepatitis, chronic fatigue, and acne. Many inflammatory conditions (the "itis") are neutralized by this product (Recovazon also "soothes" the "itis" conditions). This combination of herbs aids the liver in its detoxification process after the ingesting of toxins from our sprayed food as well as our polluted air and water.


Illumination 8 oz. Bottle

This combination of the premier botanicals of the Rainforest into a single synergistic formula delivers a full complement of Amazonian treasures. Enjoy this awesome combination of Rainforest Bio-Energetic super food. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: una de gato, pau d arco, suma, tayuya, fucus, artichoke, boldo, star anise, bitter orange, pedra hume-caa, cajueja, quebra pedra, jerubeba, yerba mate, cornsilk, passion flower, lemon balm, mulungu, espinhiera santa, lemon grass, pepermint, pata de vaca, sarsaparilla, jatoba, chamomile, stevia, chuchuhuasi, sangre de drago.

Illumination: a combination of 32 of the herbs used in the above formulas (except Warrior and Recovazon) constituting a complete body tonic. Containing a wide assortment of trace minerals derived from the herbs, which are grown in the rich soil of the Amazon rainforest, this combination acts as an excellent antioxidant complex and markedly improves immune function, supports hormonal systems, balances blood sugar levels, detoxifies blood, lymph, liver, gallbladder, helps calm anxiety, increases circulation, opens the systems of elomination, increases intestinal flora, and is a powerful nerve tonic.


Lunazon 2 oz. Bottle

Assists the body's natural ability to restore harmony during cyclical imbalances. Spagyric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: abuta, suma, mulungu, passion flower, lemonbalm, jatoba, espinhiera santa.

Lunazon: helps to balance the female endocrine system,and "lunar" cycle. This can manifest in pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, and ovarian imbalances. These herbs can increase libido and fertility, relieve vaginal dryness, help cystitis and bladder and urinary tract infections as well as soothe labor pains and after birth pains. This formuls helps with PMS systems such as mood swings, low energy, irritablility, cramps, bloating, and breast pain. Also it relieves menopausal systems such as hot flashes by balancing estrogen/progesterone imbalances. Lunazon is also high in iron, to help with associated anemia and may help women retain and replace calcium in the bones.


Metabazon 2 oz. Bottle

Assists the body's natural ability to maintain metabolic harmony, helping to meet special dietary needs that may arise from an imbalance in sugar energy. Spagyric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: pedra hume-caa, cashew plant, artichoke leaf, patadevaca, sarsaparilla and stevia.

Metabazon : supports the pancreas, helps to normalize the body's response to blood sugar fluctuations, as well as enzyme production (protease, lipase, amylase). This is very helpful with the "afternoon energy slump" many people experience and may help hypertension. It helps stimulate more complete carbohydrate digestion, which allows carbohydrates to break down into sugars; this maintains a long-term stable sugar supply, which combats hypoglycemia. Therefore, the herbal combination relieves the desire for sweet and thus helps with weight problems and candida. Those who eat food containing sugar, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin and rice syrup, often find these herbs of great benefit.


Recovazon 2 oz. Bottle

Assists the body's natural process in meeting special nutritional needs which may be present after athletic competition, physical activity, or from common muscle or joint discomfort. Spagyric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: dang gui, samambaia, sarsaparilla, red tangerine peel, aquilaria, safflower, manaca, peach kernel, dalergia wood, bitter orange, tayuya, iporuru, una de gato.

Recovazon: is a combination of Amazon herbs and Chinese herbs, also a Shao-Lin Monk formula, to help the body dispel energy flow stagnation, recover from physical exercise, post work-out soreness, sprain/strain inflamation, and daily stress reactions. This has an herbal anti-inflammatory and can be used for osteoarthritis, painful or swollen joints, cramps, and trauma. It balances the endocrine (glandular) system, calms the nerves after a stressful day, and is excellent for recovery from illness, injury, or surgery. These herbs support the liver, increase oxygenation, stimulate protein absorption, strengthen muscle tone, promote rejuvenation, and increase circulation. These herbs help in detoxifying, invigoration, balancing and emotionally uplifting. They can be used as an anti-inflammatory for both the soft tissues and joints. Recovazon and Calmazon are often used topically to soothe and heal injured areas of the body.


Often refered to as "Brazilan Ginseng." Extensively used as a tonic and is reported to increase chi (energy flow in the body) promoting a sense of well being. Has a reputation as a cellular oxygenator assisting the body's ability to adjust to an ever changing environment.

Suma, (available only in capsules but soon be also available in liquid form): is a South American version of ginseng. Suma has been used to help many chronic diseases including arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, mononeucleosis, candida, hypoglycemia, Epstein Barr Sydrome, and high cholesteral. It seems to balance female hormones, is good for menopause, and is also used for impotency and frigidity.


Deep in the Peruvian Amazon the bark of this vine has long been revered for it's powerful ability to assist the body's natural anti-oxidant responses. The Indigenous People of the Rainforest demonstrate a special reverence and respect for this extraordinary botanical.

Una de Gato(available only in liquid or capsule form): is a favorite for stimulating the immune system. It is known as "the opener of the way" because of it's remarkable ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract and therefore can be used for Crohn's Disease, hemorrhoids, parasites, leaky bowel syndrome, ulcers, gastritis, allergic disorders, and diverticulitis. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory which makes it very useful for arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. It also helps to increase T-lymphocyte and macrophage production, tonigy the blood, and can be also used as a broad spectrum infection fighter since it stops the expansion of virus-laden cells.


Warrior 2 oz. Bottle

An excellent multisport athletic supplement. Assist's the body's natural ability to enhance production, regulation and flow of essential energy while strengthening and tonifying overall system functions. Spagric extract made with distilled water, 20% ethanol and the following all natural Rainforest botanicals: marapuama, catuaba, sarsaparilla, dioscoreae, astragalus, rehmanniae, atractylodes, tangerine peel, costus root, glycyrrhiza, snakegourd seed, dang gui, fennel, aquilaria.

Warrior: is formulated to promote the unimeded flow of energy through the nervous system, and endurance, without a "racey" or "speedy" feeling. The basis of this formula comes from the Shao-Lin Monks of Tibet using Chinese herbs taken before Martial Arts exercise or battle to enhance maximum performance. Amazon herbs that have similar effects of energizing-strengthening, are combined with Chinese herbs. These herbs have natural plant sterois which promote muscle mass and tone. As well, they increase emotional stability, ease menopause symptoms, and increase libido.